After working in the organic food industry since 2002, Raphael decided in 2010 to become an actor of « organic » in Luxembourg. He purchased his first vine in 2010 and expanded since to have just under 2 hectars today. All the vines are cinverted to organic after purchase which takes 3 years. New types of grapes which are more resistant to diseases and require less intervention have also been planted in our estate giving us unique products. 

We try to use as less machinery as possible in our vines and use horse traction as much as possible. This makes us have minimal intevention in the vines and requires us to use new methods for treatments such as drones.

All the vines are around Erpaldange – lez – Bous in the moselle region on slopes up to 45° inclinations. 

Our grape varities are: Pinot Noir, Pinot gris, Muscaris, Elbling, Auxerrois, Saint Laurent and Müller Thrürgau.

With these varieties we can produce white or rosé crémant as well as white, rosé and red wine. 

Erpeldange - lez - Bous